Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies

Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies - Yes, you heard me right

              Cheesecake, the smooth, creamy, probably one of the most popular of the desserts. Think of the number of people who visit The Cheesecake Factory; I swear I didn’t know cheesecake could come in so many flavors. Anyway…

              When I came across strawberry cheesecake cookies on Gabby’s the “Cookie Dough Diaries,” I knew my next assignment. Kinda similar to the valentine’s day theme from my last post, I thought strawberries and cream cheese would be a sinfully delicious combination.

              To start, just like I mentioned before, read through the entire recipe at least once. Second, I set each ingredient out that needed to be either softened or brought to room temperature: cream cheese, butter, etc. Next, unlike our last recipe, I started with the filling. I creamed the cream cheese and powdered sugar in my stand up mixer until it was both well combined and smooth in consistency. Then, I created little dollops or cream cheese balls, and I placed them in the freezer until I was ready to use them. After that, like most cookie recipes, I combined both my wet and dry ingredients separately before introducing them to one another. Once the batter was complete, I finished by folding in the chopped strawberries. For those who don’t already know, it’s important to not beat or mix your fruit into your batter as this can lead to the bleeding of the color into your cookie dough. Lastly, I took a chunk of the cookie batter, and one of the cream cheese balls, and I molded the cookie batter around the ball until it was covered. Last step was to place them into a hot oven and pace impatiently for them to bake.

16 to 20 minutes later, my cookies were pulled out of the oven, and after a few more minutes, I transferred them to a cooling rack. After all the steps to prepare these little delicious morsels of perfection, and my wall of will power crumbled, I broke one of the cookies in half and took a taste. I will say that the creaminess of the cream cheese added a beautiful texture (not just flavor) to these cookies.

Although the recipe says it makes 12 big cookies, I was relieved that I doubled the batch. Knowing that they would go over like gangbusters, I planned to store a few in the freezer for a rainy day, a portion went with my boyfriend to work, and the last third went with me as I went to visit with my father. Later that evening, I got his stamp of approval, and 3 additional recipes texted to me which he hopes will make it to the top of my “to bake” list.

              In reflection of this last bake, I would say that while they do come together quick enough, should I make them again, I’d probably still double the recipe, but probably bake half and freeze the others. It’s not to say that they’d ever go to waste; like chocolate chip cookie dough, it’s nice to have ready on hand when you don’t necessarily want a whole batch of cookies lying around. Rather you’d prefer to place a few on a cookie sheet and enjoy them whenever the mood surfaces. This is definitely one of those recipes I’m both glad to have tested and will bake again. 😊The next question on my mind though is: what will the next recipe be…? Over time, as you are paging through cookbooks, scrolling through Pinterest, tapping on YouTube video after YouTube video, you’ll see that recipes and thoughts about dessert overtake your thoughts. From the moment I wake up, until I lay my head down, and snuggle up with my pug, my mind swirls with my next great bake…and I’d have it no other way.

              Until next time!  

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